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 Post subject: DHS IAIP Daily Open Source Report 12-09-2010
PostPosted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:32 am 
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Homeland Security

Daily Open Source Infrastructure
Report for 9 December 2010

Current Nationwide
Threat Level ELEVATED
Significant Risk of Terrorist Attacks

For information, click here:

Top Stories

• The Associated Press reports at least 40 people have been treated at hospitals following an
ammonia spill that evacuated Randolph, a small city in eastern Minnesota. (See item 7)

• According to BBC News, authorities have arrested a man in Baltimore, Maryland, for
allegedly plotting to blow up an area military recruitment center. (See item 36)

Energy Sector

Current Electricity Sector Threat Alert Levels:

Source: ISAC for the Electricity Sector (ES-ISAC)
[ http://www.esisac.com ]

1. December 8, Houston Chronicle – (Louisiana) Rig worker on break missed signs of
trouble. The engineer watching the flow of drilling mud from BP’s Macondo well off
the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico was on a coffee and smoke break when the
well showed signs of its imminent blowout, according to testimony December 7 before
a panel investigating the accident. A mud logger for Sperry Sun, a unit of Halliburton,
said he took the 10-minute break April 20 while the crew of the Deepwater Horizon
drilling rig displaced part of the well’s drilling mud with seawater. Later that night, an
explosion would destroy the Deepwater Horizon, kill 11 workers, and start an 87-day
oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Data logs reviewed during the hearing showed that in
the hours leading up to the accident, the flow of mud out of the well was greater than
the amount going in, an indication hydrocarbons might be building up. Some of the
changes in readings occurred during the time the logger was on break. He said when he
got back to his terminal after his break, there was no indication of trouble. Had he seen
an issue, the logger said would have called a supervisor or called the drilling floor to
warn workers.
Source: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/bus ... 29152.html

2. December 8, Daily Utah Chronicle – (Utah) After spill, pipeline could be shut
down. Chevron had its second oil spill in Salt Lake City, Utah in 6 months. The mayor
flew to Washington, D.C. to meet with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to discuss shutting down the
pipeline, which leaked an estimated 250 barrels of oil December 7. The Chevron
pipeline control center in Houston, Texas first detected the leak. Authorities are certain
the leak occurred not in the pipeline, but inside the concrete box where the valve is
held. A crack was detected in the valve, resulting in the spill. The city said the mayor is
requiring a plan to evaluate the 60-year-old pipe, and to analyze the line’s course to
determine if that was a factor in the spill. Chevron officials have not considered
shutting down the pipeline, after the first spill or now, because that would require
finding a complete alternative in transporting oil to the refinery.
Source: http://www.dailyutahchronicle.com/news/ ... -1.2423513

3. December 8, WBNS 10 Columbus – (Ohio) Morrow County power outages blamed
on copper thefts. About 1,200 American Electric Power customers in Mount Gilead,
Ohio lost power December 8 because of problems at a substation caused by copper
thieves. An American Electric Power (AEP) spokeswoman said it appeared someone
cut through a fence and stole copper grounds from a substation on County Road 24 in
Fulton, Ohio. The spokeswoman said replacement equipment was needed to fix the
problem. It could take up to 6 hours to restore power to all customers, AEP said.
Highland West Elementary School in the Highland Local School District was closed
December 8 because of the outage.
Source: http://www.10tv.com/live/content/local/ ... ml?sid=102

4. December 8, Associated Press – (Texas) Driller denies that it contaminated Texas
aquifer. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an emergency order
against a Texas gas driller December 7, accusing the company of contaminating an
aquifer and giving it 48 hours to provide clean drinking water to affected residents, and
to begin taking steps to resolve the problem. The order is unprecedented in Texas,
partly because the federal body overstepped the state agency responsible for overseeing
gas and oil drilling. The EPA’s move could ratchet up a bitter fight between Texas and
the EPA that has evolved in the past year from a dispute over environmental issues into
a pitched battle over states’ rights. The EPA began inspecting the wells in August after
receiving complaints from residents who said the Texas commission and Range
Resources had not responded to problems they were having with their drinking water.
The EPA inspected the wells with the commission, a spokesman said, and found high
levels of explosive methane, as well as other contaminants, including cancer-causing
Source: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/7328990.html

5. December 7, Bloomberg – (California) Valero shuts catalytic cracker at Benicia
refinery. Valero Energy Corporation shut a fluid catalytic cracker at its Benicia,
California, refinery for repairs, a company spokesman said December 7. The gasoline
making unit was shut a few days ago and the outage will last a few more. The
shutdown is the second for the 72,000-barrel-a-day unit in the past week. The cat
cracker tripped offline December 1 after a power loss. Valero announced in October it
would idle the 170,000- barrel-a-day refinery for 36 days of maintenance starting in
January. A representative declined to say if the scheduled work would be affected by
the outage.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-0 ... ate1-.html

6. December 7, Reuters – (International) Enbridge struggles with more pipeline
outages. Enbridge Inc has been forced temporarily to disrupt oil flows on pipelines that
feed crude onto its main system as restrictions on its U.S. network back volumes up in
western Canada, a spokeswoman said December 7. Enbridge, which transports the bulk
of Canadian oil exports to the United States, increased apportionment on its U.S.
Midwest pipeline system the week of November 29 following an unplanned reduction
in flow rates on its 670,000-barrels-per-day Line 6A. Feeder lines carry crude to major
pipelines from oilfields and oil sands projects. The company’s main oil pipeline system
carries about 2 million barrels of oil per day to the U.S. Midwest, Midcontinent, and
Southern Ontario.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN079997520101208
For another story, see item 23

Chemical Industry Sector

7. December 8, Associated Press – (Minnesota) At least 40 treated for ammonia spill
injuries. At least 40 people have been treated at hospitals following an ammonia spill
that evacuated a small city in eastern Minnesota. Cannon Falls Medical Center said
most of the 19 people treated due to injuries from the leak in Randolph will be released
December 8. Twenty-one patients were treated at Northfield Hospital. It said five were
admitted and one required decontamination. Dakota County emergency managers said
a ruptured line spilled anhydrous ammonia at the River Country Co-op north of
Randolph. The caustic chemical can cause respiratory injuries. The emergency
preparedness coordinator said about 400 residents of Randolph were evacuated to a
nearby fire station. Students from the school complex were sent to a church outside the
Source: http://www.wkbt.com/Global/story.asp?S=13638246

8. December 7, Tacoma News Tribune – (Washington) Tideflats chemical company
fined for not disclosing hazardous materials. A Tacoma, Washington, petroleum and
chemical distributor has been fined $21,000 for failing to tell emergency management
officials about large amounts of hazardous substances it stores on the Tacoma Tideflats.
Pacific Functional Fluids LLC. agreed to pay the fine to settle hazardous chemical
reporting violations, according to a consent agreement released December 8 by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA said Pacific Fluids stores 10,000
pounds or more each of ethylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, and acetic acid at its
facility at 2244 Port of Tacoma Road. That is more than the threshold for required
reporting under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. The
company should have reported the chemicals to the Tacoma Fire Department, Pierce
County Local Emergency Planning Committee, and the State Emergency Response
Commission, the EPA said. In addition paying the fine, the company agreed to install a
$31,000 containment system at its railcar transfer facility. The system is designed to
capture spills and channel them to a receiving tank.
Source: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/business ... materials/
For another story, see item 52

Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste Sector

9. December 8, Brattleboro Reformer – (Vermont) NRC issues new rules for buried
cables. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced new rules December 7
regarding submerged cables at all nuclear plants. Based on a recent review, NRC staff
identified 269 cable failures at nuclear facilities across the country, including 65 sites
and 104 reactor units a spokesman for the NRC wrote in an e-mail. NRC staff stated
cable failures have a variety of causes, including manufacturing defects, damage caused
by shipping and installation, and exposure to electrical transients or abnormal
environmental conditions during operation. The likelihood of failure from any of these
factors increases over time as the cable insulation degrades and/or is exposed to water,
the document states. “The submerged electrical cable issue is not that the cables fail
immediately, it’s that the moisture causes the cable insulation to degrade faster than
expected, leading to shorter service lifetime,” director of nuclear safety project for the
Union of Concerned Scientist wrote in an e-mail. Vermont Yankee is one of the plants
to experience cable submergence, the spokesman wrote.
Source: http://www.reformer.com/ci_16803140?source=most_viewed

10. December 8, Brattleboro Reformer – (Vermont) Shumlin wants VY to renew
extraction. The Vermont governor-elect said he wants Entergy to restart well water
extraction. In a letter addressed to the site vice president for the Vermont Yankee
nuclear power plant in Vernon, he said the decision to halt extraction was premature.
“It’s not in Vermont’s best interest to stop pumping water,” the governor-elect said.
“We have highly radioactive materials in the ground and it seems to me that it’s only
logical that the more we extract now, the better it will be for our health and safety.” A
Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman said it has asked Entergy, which owns and
operates the plant, for additional data on what testing and analysis it is doing to ensure
tritium is not getting into the bedrock aquifer below the site. “We are continuing to
closely monitor Entergy’s activities with respect to groundwater contamination,” the
NRC spokesman wrote in an e-mail.
Source: http://www.reformer.com/localnews/ci_16803134

11. December 7, Associated Press – (National) NRC plan would inform tribes of waste
shipments. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) wants to give Native
American tribes the option of knowing when commercial nuclear waste is being
shipped across their reservations. The commission said it has resurrected a decade-old
proposal in an effort to recognize tribal sovereignty. NRC rules already require that
state governors or a designee be informed of certain shipments of spent nuclear fuel
and other waste passing through states. Proponents said tribes that opt to receive
advanced notification will be in a position to respond more quickly to emergencies. The
NRC is accepting public comments on the proposal. It has recommended the plan take
effect in 1 year to allow time to develop a list of tribal contacts, and for training on the
new requirements.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-0 ... ments.html

Critical Manufacturing Sector

12. December 7, WHBL 1330 AM Sheboygan – (Wisconsin) Ceiling fire causes
evacuation at JL French. A fire in the ceiling at the JL French plant in Sheboygan,
Wisconsin, caused employees to evacuate December 7. The 911 call came in around 2
p.m. with a report of a fire along the ceiling of the facility, which produces die cast
aluminum components. Employees were told to evacuate by word of mouth, although
some of the employees battled the flames and had most of the fire put out by the time
firefighters arrived on the scene. Firefighters extinguished the rest of the blaze, and
employees were allowed to return to work around 2:30 p.m. Officials said the fire was
caused by sparks, but damage to the plant was minimal.
Source: http://whbl.com/news/articles/2010/dec/ ... -jlfrench/

Defense Industrial Base Sector

13. December 8, XXXXXXX XXXX – (Florida) SpaceX rocket, capsule launched in test
for commercial space industry. The first of what NASA hopes will someday be a
fleet of privately built rockets and capsules to supply the international space station
launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, December 8 in a major test for the commercial
space industry. If all goes well, the capsule will circle the globe twice and then splash
down 90 minutes later in the Pacific Ocean. The first attempt to launch at about 9:15
a.m. was aborted after an indicator falsely reported a problem 13 minutes from takeoff,
and the launch took place 90 minutes later. The Falcon 9 rocket built by Space
Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, is on its first full test flight. The flight is
an important moment for the President and his administration’s hopes to expand
commercial space efforts in low-Earth orbit as a way to free up NASA funds for
missions to send astronauts much deeper into space and ultimately to Mars.
Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/con ... id=topnews

Banking and Finance Sector

14. December 8, Help Net Security – (International) Zeus targets major
retailers. Trusteer has discovered a Zeus botnet argeting credit card accounts of major
retailers, including Macy’s and Nordstrom just as the holiday gift buying season is in
full swing. They captured and analyzed malware samples designed to steal credit card
information, probably in order to conduct card-not-present (CNP) fraud. This attack is
using a Zeus botnet — the latest and most sophisticated version of the Zeus
malware platform. CNP fraud refers to transactions when a credit card is not physically
present, as in an Internet, mail or phone purchase. It is difficult for a merchant to verify
the actual cardholder is indeed authorizing the purchase. Because of the greater risk,
card issuers tend to charge merchants higher fees for CNP transactions. To make
matters worse, merchants are typically responsible for CNP fraud transactions.
Therefore, CNP merchants must take extra precaution against fraud exposure and
associated losses.
Source: http://www.net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=1559

15. December 8, Banking Busines Review – (Utah) CFTC charges MXBK Group with
defrauding hundreds of US customers. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading
Commission (CFTC) has filed an enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the
District of Utah, charging MXBK Group, a private Mexican financial services holding
company, and its forex trading division, MBFX SA, with issuing false customer
statements and misrepresenting trading results on their Web site. CFTC said MBFX has
never been registered in any capacity with it. The CFTC’s complaint alleged that, from
at least 2005 to the present, the defendants accepted at least $28 million from more than
800 U.S. customers for the purpose of trading forex on behalf of customers in pooled
accounts. The complaint further charged that, from June 2008 through April 2009, the
defendants trading profits when they lost about $19.4 million. The defendants allegedly
reported trading profits in at least 8 separate months, when they actually incurred
substantial trading losses, often exceeding $1 million per month. In its continuing
litigation, the CFTC seeks restitution, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, civil monetary
penalties, an accounting of defendants’ assets and liabilities, permanent trading and
registration bans, and permanent injunctions against further violations of the federal
commodities laws. The CFTC’s action arose from a joint CFTC cooperative
enforcement investigation with the FBI, IRS and the Securities and Exchange
Source: http://policiesandregulatorycompliance. ... ers-081210

16. December 8, Honolulu Star Advertiser – (Hawaii) FBI offers $10,000 reward in case
of serial bank robber. The FBI is joining the Honolulu Police Department’s (HPD)
search for the pistol-wielding “backpack bandit” believed responsible for at least four
bank robberies on Oahu, Hawaii this year. The FBI announced December 7 it is
offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. That is in addition to a
$1,000 CrimeStoppers reward. Authorities have dubbed the robber “the backpack
bandit” because he has pulled a gun from a backpack in each robbery. The robber
“appears to be escalating his level of violence and we are concerned that in the future
someone might get hurt,” said the head of HPD’s Criminal Investigation Division.
Bank robberies in Hawaii typically consist of a robber showing a note to a teller
demanding money, he said. “In this case, he’s brandishing a firearm, going up to
multiple tellers. It’s a level of violence we’re not accustomed to here in Hawaii.” An
FBI Special Agent said that in one case, a pregnant teller was taken to a hospital for
stress symptoms after encountering the robber.
Source: http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/2010 ... obber.html

17. December 8, Deutsche Presse-Agentur – (International) WikiLeaks supporters claim
to have brought down MasterCard website. A group of hackers supporting the
WikiLeaks organization claimed December 7 that it brought down the Web site of
MasterCard. The credit card company recently cut the ability of funders to use
MasterCard services to donate to WikiLeaks, as did a number of other firms, including
rival Visa and online payment service Paypal. The attackers claimed on their Twitter
account that the denial of service attack on the Web site was part of
“Operation:Payback.” Mastercard.com was not accessible immediately following the
announcement, and trying to log onto the site, users received a “Network Error”
message. The same group of hackers claimed earlier the week of December 5 that they
had managed to disrupt the Web site of the Swiss Postfinance, a bank that shut the
account of the WikiLeaks founder.
Source: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/ ... rd-website

18. December 7, Denver Post – (Colorado) Cops nab man wanted in four Denver bank
robberies in bus station bathroom. A man suspected of robbing two downtown
Denver, Colorado banks December 7 was arrested after he walked into a bathroom at
the Greyhound bus station at 19th and Curtis Streets, according to Denver police. The
37-year-old man is suspected in the robberies of at least four downtown banks. The first
robbery December 7 occurred at the First Bank, 1200 17th Street, at about 7:30 a.m. At
approximately 9 a.m., a robber fitting the same description, walked into the Bank of
Denver, 405 16th Street, and held it up. A red dye pack exploded as the suspect fled the
scene of one of the robberies. A Denver police spokesman said police officers flooded
the area, and an undercover officer spotted the suspect. The cases are being investigated
by Denver police and the FBI.
Source: http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_16800215

19. December 7, Crain’s Chicago Business – (Illinois) Bank executive sentenced to 63
months for fraud. A former Chicago, Illinois-area bank executive was sentenced
December 7 to 63 months in federal prison for his role in defrauding his bank of at least
$5.1 million. The 56-year-old had pleaded guilty to fraud in August. The Wood Dale
resident is scheduled to start serving his prison sentence January 20. The convict was
vice-president of loans at First Security Trust & Savings Bank in Elmwood Park. The
U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI claimed he cost the bank at least $5.1 million when
he changed loan terms for 50 customers. Between September 2004 and February 2009,
the convict either lied about the amount of collateral required to back a loan or he
manipulated documents to hide their delinquency. As a result of the fraud, the bank
covered checks worth $2 million for money that wasn’t actually there. The convict is
required to repay the $5.1 million in addition to serving his sentence.
Source: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/ ... z17XDzzZO6
For more stories, see items 35 and 49

Transportation Sector

20. December 8, CBS; Associated Press – (International) Storm-battered Antarctic
cruise ship limps home. An Antarctic cruise ship that broke down during a rough
storm was slowly returning to its home port in Argentina December 8 with 160 people
on board. High seas knocked out an engine on the Clelia II December 7. The ship
declared an emergency when it lost power and communications after a 30-foot wave
washed over the deck and took out windows on the bridge in 55 mph winds. None of
the passengers, all of them American, was injured. The ship was sailing from the
Antarctic peninsula back to Argentina through the Drake Passage, one of the roughest
stretches of water in the world. The Clelia II was heading for home on reduced engine
power. The ship is operated by Polar Cruises of Bend, Oregon. It was going to the port
of Ushuia at the extreme south of Argentina at about 5 mph and was accompanied by a
naval vessel, the Argentine Navy said. The ship set out from Ushuaia November 30 and
was scheduled to return December 8.
Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/12/ ... 0017.shtml

21. December 7, KAIT 8 Jonesboro – (Arkansas) Independence County man indicted for
making bomb. An Arkansas man was indicted December 7 for making and possessing
a bomb. The 20-year-old resident of Magness, Arkansas, was indicted on two counts of
unlawfully manufacturing and possessing an improvised explosive device. The
indictment also charges that he was both a felon and an unlawful user of a controlled
substance at the time he possessed the improvised bomb. According to the United
States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, the suspect is accused of making
and planting a bomb on the Dota Creek Bridge near Newark in October 2010. The fourcount
indictment charges two violations of the National Firearms Act, which carry a
possible punishment of up to 10 years in federal prison and/or up to a $10,000 fine. The
felon in possession and unlawful user of a controlled substance charges each have a
possible sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison and/or a $250,000 fine. The
suspect is currently being held in the Independence County Detention Center.
Source: http://www.kait8.com/Global/story.asp?S=13634063

22. December 7, KUSA 9 Denver – (National) Frontier Airlines says network outage
grounded flights nationwide. Frontier Airlines said a network outage caused delays
across the country December 7, but the airline said operations started getting back to
normal after a 90-minute stoppage. A spokesperson with Frontier said the network
issue prevented the airline from releasing flights. The spokesperson indicated the
problem has been resolved, noting, however, that passengers could see delays of longer
than 90 minutes while Frontier got caught up.
Source: http://www.9news.com/news/local/article ... &catid=346

23. December 7, Fort Worth Star-Telegram – (Texas) Train derailment stalls traffic on
U.S. 377 in Cresson. A train derailment stalled traffic December 7 on U.S. 377 after a
tractor-trailer truck was struck while trying to pass through a railroad crossing in Hood
County, Texas. The truck was traveling west through the crossing in Cresson at around
3 a.m. when a Fort Worth and Western Railroad train backing north struck the left rear
end of the truck’s trailer, a Texas Highway Patrol spokesman said. There were no
injuries reported, but the wreck uncoupled one car from the 19-car train and sent it into
Highway 377, blocking the westbound center turning lane and an eastbound lane, he
said. A railroad crew was able to move the car, freeing traffic in the eastbound lane. At
first a hazardous materials crew was called to the scene to clean up frac sand from the
truck’s trailer, but was canceled when officials determined the sand was clean. The
crossing lights were working and activated at the time of the crash, the spokesman said.
The accident is still under investigation and no charges against the driver have been
Source: http://www.star-telegram.com/2010/12/07 ... affic.html

24. December 6, Torrance Daily Breeze – (California) 2 jets make emergency LAX
landings. No injuries were reported December 6 when two jetliners made emergency
landings at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said. First, a V Australia flight headed from
Sydney to LAX made an emergency landing at 7:38 a.m. after the pilot reported a high
pressure reading in the main landing gear of the Boeing 777, an FAA spokesman said.
He said there were 378 passengers and crew members aboard the plane. Later,
American Airlines Flight 39, headed from San Francisco, California to Honolulu,
Hawaii was diverted to LAX just after 10 a.m. because of an engine malfunction
aboard the Boeing 757. The pilot opted to land at LAX, where American has a
comprehensive maintenance facility. There were 98 passengers and crew members
aboard. Both planes landed without incident.
Source: http://www.dailybreeze.com/news/ci_16790467
For more stories, see items 2, 6, and 56

Postal and Shipping Sector
Nothing to report

Agriculture and Food Sector

25. December 8, Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel – (Florida) 3 separate helicopters crashes
in western Palm Beach County; 1 pilot seriously injured. Three helicopters crashed
early December 8 in western Palm Beach County, Florida, as they tried to keep frost
from damaging crops, authorities said. One of the pilots was flown to a nearby hospital
in serious condition, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. The first crash
happened around 2:10 a.m. on the southeastern edge of Lake Okeechobee. The
Robinson R-44, registered in Miami-Dade County, crashed into a field for unknown
reasons, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The aircraft was severely
damaged, and the pilot had minor injuries. At 6:15 a.m., the tail of another Robinson R-
44 slammed into a post at Palm Beach County Glades Airport at Pahokee. The tail fell
off and the helicopter went down. The two people on board were not injured. The third
crash happened around 7:40 a.m. in a cornfield in Pahokee. The pilot of the helicopter
was seriously injured, according to fire-rescue. It is not clear what caused the crash.
The helicopters were flying over vegetable farms to circulate the air and keep frost
away from the crops.
Source: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/palm-b ... 9814.story

26. December 7, Food Poison Journal – (California) Atlas walnut company recalls
walnuts for Salmonella risk. Atlas Walnut Co. of California announced a voluntary
recall of walnut halves and pieces due to the risk of Salmonella contamination. The
recall was made after Azar Nut Company, which receives product from Atlas, asked
U.S. Foodservice to recall the products after a shipment tested positive for Salmonella.
No illness have been reported thus far. Azar reported their own tests for Salmonella are
negative, but they are nevertheless initiating the recall in an excess of caution.
Source: http://www.foodpoisonjournal.com/2010/1 ... oison+Blog)

27. December 7, WFAA 8 Dallas-Fort Worth – (Texas) Researchers find flame retardant
butter in Dallas stores. A new study by the University of Texas School of Public
Health found butter purchased in North Texas contains flame retardant, a potentially
dangerous compound used to make electronics, cable insulation, and aircraft parts. The
study is printed in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives.” Researchers tested
10 sticks of butter. They purchased various brands from random stores in Dallas. “We
were really surprised to see that while nine of the 10 butter samples had little trace
amounts of flame retardant that somehow managed to get in there, one of the 10 sticks
of butter had an amazing, amazingly high level of flame retardant,” the study’s author
said. That level was 135 times that of other samples, according to the report. Scientists
declined to name the butter brand with the high levels of chemicals, citing the small
size of their investigation.
Source: http://www.wfaa.com/news/health/Researc ... 57404.html

28. December 7, WSAV 3 Savannah – (South Carolina) All clear given at Bluffton
grocery store. A Food Lion grocery store located at the Kittie’s Crossing shopping
complex in Bluffton, South Carolina, has been searched by a bomb squad dog and no
bomb was found. The store was evacuated earlier December 7. All barriers have now
been removed and the store is cleared. According to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s
Office, at 11:15 a.m., a bomb threat made by an unidentified male caller was received
at the store. The store was immediately evacuated.
Source: http://www2.wsav.com/news/2010/dec/07/4 ... r-1179317/
For more stories, see items 7 and 54

Water Sector

29. December 6, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – (National) EPA announces
2010 enforcement and compliance results / More than 1.4 billion pounds of
harmful air, land, and water pollution to be reduced. The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) announced December 6 the release of its annual enforcement
and compliance results. In fiscal year (FY) 2010, EPA took enforcement and
compliance actions that require polluters to pay more than $110 million in civil
penalties and commit to spend about $12 billion on pollution controls, cleanup, and
environmental projects that benefit communities. These actions when completed will
reduce pollution by more than 1.4 billion pounds and protect businesses that comply
with regulations by holding non-compliant businesses accountable when environmental
laws are violated. As a result of water cases concluded in FY 2010, EPA is ensuring an
estimated 1 billion pounds of water pollution per year will be reduced, eliminated or
properly managed and investments in pollution control and environmental
improvement projects from parties worth approximately $8 billion will be made. EPA’s
criminal enforcement program opened 346 new environmental crime cases in FY 2010.
These cases led to 289 defendants charged for allegedly committing environmental
crimes, the largest number in 5years, 198 criminals convicted and $41 million assessed
in fines and restitution.
Source: http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.ns ... enDocument
For more stories, see items 4 and 10

Public Health and Healthcare Sector

30. December 8, Bradenton Herald – (Florida) Palmetto woman sentenced for hacking
computer system. A Palmetto, Florida, woman was sentenced December 7 to 18
months in federal prison for hacking into a former employer’s computer system and
causing about $17,000 in damage, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. The 30-yearold
woman was also ordered to pay $17,243.01 in restitution and will be placed on
supervised release for 3 years after her release from prison. According to trial
testimony, she made numerous unauthorized intrusions into the computer system for
Suncoast Community Health Centers in Ruskin, Florida, which provides health care to
low-income residents. An information technology technician, she was March 13, 2009,
for insubordination and failing to follow instructions from supervisors, a news release
said. Four days later, the hacking began and continued through April 1, 2009. During
the intrusions, she deleted and moved files, changed administrative account names and
passwords, removed access to infrastructure systems, changed pay and accrued leave
rates on the payroll system and compromised the firewall used to protect the health
centers’ computer network.
Source: http://www.bradenton.com/2010/12/08/279 ... cking.html

31. December 8, Greenbay Press-Gazette – (Wisconsin) Smoke leads to
evacuation. Oconto, Wisconsin firefighters were summoned about 8:30 p.m. December
7 to Bayshore Pines Assisted Living facility in the 400 block of Pecor, where a fire in a
gas dryer led to smoke filling the building. Firemen, with an assist from the staff and
Oconto police, evacuated about seven residents to the other Bayshore building. Though
fire damage was minimal, the fire chief said a sprinkler head was triggered and resulted
in about 300 gallons of water being poured out in the building. Firemen put out the fire
in a short time, but then assisted clearing the building of smoke and also in aiding the
removal of the water, which caused some damage. One staff member was treated at
Oconto Hospital for possible smoke inhalation.
Source: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/art ... evacuation

32. December 7, Detroit News – (Michigan) Feds indict four more Metro Detroiters in
health care fraud case. Federal agents arrested four Metro Detroit residents in
connection with a $14.5 million health care fraud scheme December 7, according to the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The four were charged in a two-count
superseding indictment unsealed in U.S. district C=court in Detroit. They are accused
of participating in a Medicare fraud scheme operating out of two Oak Park home health
agencies: Patient Choice Home Healthcare and All American Home Care. That brings
the total to 21 people who have been charged for participating in the scheme. Ten
people have pleaded guilty, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The four
individuals arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud are: a 30-
year-old patient recruiter for All American; a 32-year-old physical therapist and partowner
of All American; a 50-year-old office employee at All American; and a 50-yearold
patient recruiter for Patient Choice and All American. Each of the suspects face up
to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. The co-conspirators owned and
operated the two Oak Park health agencies, which claimed to provide therapy services
to Medicare beneficiaries that were unnecessary and/or were never performed,
according to the indictment.
Source: http://www.detnews.com/article/20101207 ... 8/1001/biz

33. December 6, Healthcare IT News – (National) Web-based reporting system creates
largest database of medication errors in primary care. Communication problems
and lack of knowledge are the most frequent contributors to medication errors and
adverse drug events in primary care practice offices, according to a study of a prototype
Web-based Medication Error and Adverse Drug Event Reporting System
(MEADERS). The system was developed by investigators from the Regenstrief
Institute and Indiana University School of Medicine. The study appears in the
November/December 2010 issue of the Annals of Family Medicine. Urban, suburban,
and rural primary care practices in California, Connecticut, Oregon, and Texas used
MEADERS for 10 weeks, submitting 507 confidential event reports. The average time
spent reporting an event was about 4 minutes. Seventy percent of reports included
medication errors only. Only 2 percent included medication errors and adverse drug
events. The study found medications used for cardiovascular, central nervous system
(including pain killers), endocrine diseases (mainly diabetes), and antibiotics were most
often associated with events reported in MEADERS. “Our study has created what is
now the largest database of medication errors in primary care,” said the president and
CEO of the Regenstrief Institute.
Source: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/we ... imary-care

Government Facilities Sector

34. December 8, Attleboro Sun Chronicle – (Massachusetts) Bomb scare at Wheaton
College. The discovery of a burning fuse snaking underneath the Peacock Pond foot
bridge December 7 at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, triggered a bomb
scare and the evacuation of three campus buildings. The fuse, spotted sparking and
smoking by two students who reported it to teachers shortly after 1 p.m., led beneath
the bridge to a small “homemade device,” Norton police said. As of that evening,
police had not released any further information about the device. “We do not believe
anyone was in danger,” a Norton Police lieutenant said about the device, which he
described only as “smaller than a bread box.” After word of the burning fuse reached
Wheaton administrators, who notified police, the state bomb squab was called in, and
students were evacuated and classes were canceled in at least the three buildings next to
Peacock Pond. An electrician extinguished and cut the fuse before the bomb squad,
using an inflatable dinghy borrowed from Norton police, removed the device from
underneath the bridge. The bomb squad removed the device, which had been placed in
a recess between two columns supporting the bridge, off campus to an “undisclosed
location” for further study.
Source: http://www.thesunchronicle.com/articles ... 515166.txt

35. December 8, KLTV 7 Tyler – (Texas; International) $200,000 hacked from Gregg
County. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are missing from Gregg County in East
Texas. Officials said it is the work of a cyber hacker. An international cyber attack
targeted the Gregg County Tax Assessor’s office, getting away with $200,000. This
money was supposed to go to school districts and cities. The tax assessor’s office
collects taxes, then transfers them electronically through its bank to 14 jurisdictions.
The assessor said the thieves hacked into the November 23 distribution file and stole
nearly $700,000. An employee at his office, who no longer works there, accidentally let
the hackers in. The assessor’s office was able to recover the majority of the stolen
money, but $200,000 is still missing. These funds would have gone to seven different
places, including Sabine Independent School District. The tax assessor said local and
federal authorities are investigating this attack. Investigators said the hackers’ Web
address traces to Moscow, Russia.
Source: http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13633838

36. December 8, BBC News – (Maryland) Baltimore arrest over ‘recruitment center
bomb plot’. Authorities have arrested a man in Baltimore, Maryland, for allegedly
plotting to blow up a military recruitment center. A Department of Justice (DOJ)
spokesman said the suspect was an American citizen. The spokesman said the man had
been monitored by law enforcement officers for months as part of a sting operation.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Maryland said the suspect was plotting to blow up a
military base using a vehicle bomb. The office added there was no danger to the public,
and that the explosives were inert. It is not yet clear which of the military recruiting
bases in Catonsville, Maryland was his alleged target.
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11953514

37. December 7, WFXL 31 Albany – (Georgia) Explosive found on base not a
threat. Officials on board the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia
confirmed there was an explosive found on base December 3. Identified as a
“composition 4 plastic explosive,” it was found in the back of a humvee that came from
overseas, used to transport service members. A lieutenant with the base said there was
no danger of the explosive detonating because there were certain key elements missing.
“Normally it’s set off by electrical charge and you have to have certain pieces of
equipment to do that. Otherwise you have the simultaneous application of both heat and
pressure at the same exact time. If you have one or the other, it’s actually not going to
explode,” he said. The case is under investigation.
Source: http://www.mysouthwestga.com/news/story.aspx?list=~\news\lists\local andstate&id=551478

38. December 7, Fayetteville Observer – (North Carolina) Sailor spy case: Feds seize
items from suspect’s car, hotel room. Federal agents have seized documents, a
computer, and other items from the hotel room and car of a Fort Bragg, North Carolina
based sailor who is accused of selling classified materials to an undercover FBI agent,
according to a search warrant unsealed December 6 in federal court. The 22-year-old
Navy Reserve Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class, of Mexico, New York, has been in
custody in Norfolk, Virginia, since being detained the week of November 29 in the
espionage investigation. No charges had been filed against the intelligence specialist,
who was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command. The warrant said NCIS
agents December 1 searched the suspect’s room at the Landmark Inn in the 1200 block
of Glider Street on Fort Bragg and seized a GPX digital audio player, a laptop
computer and hard drive, a dozen CDs and DVDs, a brown bag containing handwritten
notes, banking paperwork, and a printed recall roster. From the suspect’s 2009 Nissan
Altima, agents seized a cell phone, a brown bag containing documents, a black leather
portfolio, a hanging file folder, and a receipt for a concealed-carry permit class at a gun
store, according to the warrant.
Source: http://www.fayobserver.com/articles/201 ... 5?sac=Home

39. December 7, KHON 2 Honolulu – (Hawaii) Hacker targets Pearl City High School
website. Officials at Pearl City High School in Honolulu, Hawaii said someone hacked
into the school’s Web site December 6 at 4:30 p.m. and posted a message saying there
would be no school December 7 because of a water main break. The school quickly
activated its phone tree, letting parents and students know classes had not been
canceled. “We’re looking into the matter and if we do find the people responsible that
there will be consequences,” the school vice principal said. Under state law, accessing a
computer without permission is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a
$2,000 fine.
Source: http://www.khon2.com/mostpopular/story/ ... y9lsg.cspx

40. December 7, Reuters – (National) NASA sold computers with sensitive data, report
says. NASA failed to delete sensitive data on computers and hard drives before selling
the equipment as part of its plan to end the Space Shuttle program, an audit released
December 7 shows. NASA is getting rid of thousands of surplus items as it prepares to
end the space shuttle program next year. The Office of Inspector General found what it
termed “serious” security breaches at NASA centers in Florida, Texas, California, and
Virginia. The report cites 14 computers from the Kennedy Space Center that failed tests
to determine if they were sanitized of sensitive information, 10 of which already had
been released to the public. It also found hard drives were missing from Kennedy and
from the Langley Research Center in Virginia. Some of the Kennedy hard drives were
later found inside a dumpster, where they were being stored before sale, that was
accessible to the public, the audit said. Investigators also found several pallets of
computers being prepared for sale that were marked with NASA Internet Protocol
addresses, which the report said could help hackers gain access to the NASA internal
computer network.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6B66UG20101207

Emergency Services Sector

41. December 8, Portland Press Herald – (Maine) Man allegedly poses as officer, makes
threats in Skowhegan. A Skowhegan, Maine man was held without bail December 7,
charged with posing as a police officer and threatening a woman, saying he had a gun
when he stopped her. The man is charged with criminal threatening, disorderly conduct,
driving without a license, and violating conditions of release. He is also charged with
aggravated forgery, for allegedly giving a false name and date of birth when he was
fingerprinted December 6.
Source: http://www.pressherald.com/news/man-all ... 12-08.html

42. December 8, Associated Press – (Washington) Police say scam artists pose as
officers, FBI. Yakima, Washington police are warning of a fraud scheme in which the
criminals pose as FBI agents and police officers. The department said it has had two
cases reported in which an intended victim gets a phone call from someone identifying
themselves as an FBI agent, saying they have won a large sweepstakes prize. The
phony agent said the victim needs to send money to get it. The victim also may get a
call from a person claiming to be a police officer who asks that even more money be
sent. Investigators said some of the criminals have used an actual Yakima officer’s
name. Once the money is sent, the scam artists disappear. Yakima police said real
police and FBI officers never tell people to send money to anyone, nor are they
involved in any type of sweepstakes award.
Source: http://www.columbian.com/news/2010/dec/ ... icers-fbi/

43. December 8, Osawatomie Graphic – (Kansas) Community outage fixed. Residents on
the west side of Linn County, Kansas, including Parker, Centerville, Blue Mound, and
Mound City were without long distance phone and Internet service December 5. The
outage, caused by a contractor who was putting in power poles for a utility, also
affected 911 service for all Linn County residents. The company is trying to determine
the exact reason for the failure of the 911 system. A deputy sheriff said the sheriff’s
office first noticed the problem at 9:30 a.m. and contacted CenturyLink. The Linn
County Emergency Management coordinator said when the county realized the 911
system was not working, officials attempted to follow the normal procedure of
transferring calls to the Anderson County dispatcher. But the damaged cable prevented
the long-distance lines from working in Mound City, and the transfer was not possible,
he said. Kansas City area television stations were notified, and they placed public
service announcements for Linn County residents to call a cell phone that was being
used in the sheriff’s office. For people without long-distance service or cell phone
service, it was not possible to reach 911 or the CenturyLink repair service. Calls, text
messages, and e-mails were sent to people who were registered with the county’s
Immediate Response Information System.
Source: http://www.graphic-online.com/201012081 ... fixed.html

44. December 7, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – (Arkansas) Seven counties
to benefit from biometrics technology. On December 7, U.S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) began using a federal information sharing capability in 7
additional Arkansas counties that helps federal immigration officials use biometrics to
identify aliens, both lawfully and unlawfully present in the United States, who are
booked into local law enforcement’s custody for a crime. Previously, biometrics taken
of individuals charged with a crime and booked into custody were checked for criminal
history information against the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Integrated Automated
Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). Now, through enhanced information sharing
between DOJ and the DHS, biometrics submitted through the state to the FBI will be
automatically checked against FBI criminal history records in IAFIS and biometricsbased
immigration records in DHS’s Automated Biometric Identification System. If
fingerprints match those of someone in DHS’ biometric system, the new automated
process notifies ICE. ICE evaluates each case to determine the individual’s
immigration status and takes appropriate enforcement action. The announcement
includes Crawford, Garland, Jefferson, Saline, Sebastian, Union, and White counties.
ICE is now using this capability in 10 Arkansas jurisdictions. ICE is using this
capability in 831 jurisdictions in 34 states.
Source: http://www.katv.com/Global/story.asp?S=13633336
For another story, see item 56

Information Technology Sector

45. December 8, Softpedia – (International) New complex rootkit variant leverages
Stuxnet 0-day vunerability. Security researchers warn a new variant of a sophisticated
rootkit dubbed TDL4 is leveraging an yet-unpatched privilege escalation vulnerability
originally exploited in the wild by the infamous Stuxnet worm. TDL4 is the latest
version of a rootkit originally known as TDSS or Tidserv, which appeared in 2008.
However, unlike its predecessors, TDL4 is capable of bypassing the code signing
protection in 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7. By default, these systems do not
allow drivers that are not digitally signed to be loaded, but TDL4 manages to get
around that by changing boot options before the operating system actually starts. This
is done by code injected into the Master Boot Record (MBR) when the computer is
initially infected, and the rootkit also disables Windows debugging functions so that
researchers have a hard time analyzing it. At the beginning of this month, security
experts from Kasperky Lab began seeing new TDL4 samples, which make use of a
zero-day privilege escalation vulnerability in the Windows Task Scheduler. The flaw,
which is identified as CVE-2010-3888, is being leveraged to escalate privileges to
Local System level in order to bypass UAC (User Access Control) and inject code into
the print spooler process.
Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/New-Comp ... 1255.shtml

46. December 8, Help Net Security – (International) WordPress Comment Rating plugin
CSRF vulnerability. A vulnerability has been reported in the Comment Rating plug-in
for WordPress, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site
request forgery attacks, according to Secunia. The application allows users to perform
certain actions via HTTP requests without performing any validity checks to verify the
requests. This can be exploited to perform certain unspecified actions by tricking an
administrative user into visiting a malicious Web site. The vulnerability is reported in
versions prior to 2.9.21.
Source: http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=10282

47. December 8, Help Net Security – (International) WikiLeaks-related spam carries
worm. Malware pushers are taking advantage of users’ curiosity about WikiLeaks to
gain access to their computers. An e-mail with “IRAN Nuclear BOMB!” in the subject
line has been detected by Symantec, with a spoofed header to make it look like it cam
from WikiLeaks.org, saying “OBAMA is and IMPOSTOR!” and offering an URL. By
clicking on it, the victim is taken to a site where a Wikileaks.jar file attempts to
downloaded a worm on the victim’s computer. The worm in question opens a backdoor
into the system by using a predetermined port and IP address, and allows the attacker to
do all kinds of mischief: stealing, spying, routing traffic through the computer. It can
also spread further by by copying itself to removable drives and the share folders of
file-sharing programs.
Source: http://www.net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=1560

48. December 8, ITProPortal – (International) Twitter hit by Goo.gl worm. Twitter has
been hit with a new kind of worm exploiting Google’s URL shortening service
“goo.gl”. According to TechCrunch, the Twitter virus is using links that start with
“http://goo(dot)gl” in order to spread malware. In many cases, the message
accompanying the infected link says that the user has “just found the easiest way to
track who follows and unfollows you”. The virus, which seems to have originated from
Twitter’s mobile site, tries to redirect unsuspecting users to malicious Web sites by
encouraging them to click on the link. Using social engineering, users are fooled into
thinking the link is secure based on the senders’ reputation and the idea that URL
belongs to a trusted Web giant. People are advised not to click on a random link, even
if they have received it from a trusted source.
Source: http://www.itproportal.com/2010/12/8/tw ... oogl-worm/

49. December 7, The Register – (International) Whitehats peer into new botnet’s heart of
‘Darkness’ DDoSes R Us. Whitehat hackers are tracking a new botnet that has become
a popular platform for launching Web attacks. Over the past few weeks, members of
the Shadowserver group have observed the Darkness botnet unleashing distributed
denial of service attacks on more than 100 Web sites in the financial, insurance, and
retail industries. They have also uncovered an online campaign advertising DDoS-forhire
services that boast high quality and an average cost of $50 for 24 hours of use. “It
now appears that ‘Darkness’ is overtaking BlackEnergy as the DDoS bot of choice,” a
Shadowserver volunteer wrote. “There are many ads and offers for DDoS services
using ‘Darkness.’ It is regularly updated and improved and of this writing is up to
version 7. There also appear to be no shortage of buyers looking to add ‘Darkness’ to
their botnet arsenal.”
Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/12/07 ... ss_botnet/

50. December 7, Softpedia – (International) Rogue private messages direct Facebook
users to Waledac Trojan. A wave of rogue private messages received by many
Facebook users directs them to malicious Web sites serving a version of the Waledac
Trojan. According to scam tracking Web site Facecrooks, the messages read “I got you
a surprise www.[random_name].blogspot(dot)com.” Several different blogspot URLs
were observed in these messages, suggesting the people behind this campaign have
registered many accounts in advance and rotate them as soon as they get suspended.
Visiting the Web sites triggers a prompt that reads “Download photoalbum” and serves
an executable file called photo.exe, which is actually a Waledac variant. According to
Symantec, Waledac “is a worm that spreads by sending emails that contain links to
copies of itself. It also sends spam, downloads other threats, and operates as part of a
botnet.” In its description of the threats, the antivirus vendor said Waledac authors
commonly organize social engineering-based campaigns to trick users into installing it.
Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Rogue-Pr ... 1183.shtml
For another story, see item 35

Internet Alert

To report cyber infrastructure incidents or to request information,
please contact US-CERT at sos@us-cert.gov or visit their
Web site: http://www.us-cert.gov

Information on IT information sharing and analysis can be found
at the IT ISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center)
Web site: https://www.it-isac.org

Communications Sector

51. December 8, Erictric – (National) Verizon Wireless 3G data network goes down
overnight due to technical glitch. The Verizon Wireless 3G data network was
completely down December 8. Many people were unable to access the Internet from
their mobile devices. It has now been confirmed that the outage was caused by a
technical glitch during routine maintenance. The 3G data network was apparently down
for about 3 hours and 20 minutes from 1:40 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Source: http://erictric.com/2010/12/08/verizon- ... al-glitch/
For another story, see item 43

Commercial Facilities Sector

52. December 7, The Republican – (Massachusetts) Firefighters respond to refrigerant
leak at MassMutual Center in Springfield. A refrigerant leak at the MassMutual
Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, prompted firefighters to cordon off a small
section of the building December 7. A fire department spokesman said a worker walked
into a room on the State Street side of the facility that holds two 1,000 gallon tanks of
refrigerant known as R-22, “smelled the odor and heard a hissing like a leak.” The fire
department assessed the situation, initially reported shortly after 11 a.m., and contacted
the regional hazardous materials team which ventilated the affected area, he said. Since
then, the levels of refrigerant have dropped off to safe levels and technicians are at the
scene to find and repair the leak.
Source: http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/ ... efrig.html

53. December 7, WPBF 25 Palm Beach – (Florida) Florida motel destroyed by fire; $4M
in damages. A Fort Pierce, Florida motel caught fire December 7. The fire started
shortly after 7 a.m. at the Days Inn off Okeechobee Road. Fire officials said a portion
of the motel was under renovation. It took about 40 firefighters to battle the fire. No
injuries were reported. The damage from the fire was estimated at $4 million.
Source: http://www.firehouse.com/news/top-headl ... 4m-damages

54. December 7, WBAL 11 Baltimore – (Maryland) Second 5-alarmer rages in Baltimore
in 12 hours. Flames shot through the roof of an office building that also houses
restaurants in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, December 7,
as firefighters battled their second major blaze in less than 24 hours. Crews were called
to the 800 block of North Charles Street shortly after 1:30 a.m, and the incident quickly
escalated to four alarms within 15 minutes. Shortly before 4:30 a.m., fire officials said
they raised a fifth alarm, citing intense fire conditions. Some of the more than 100
firefighters who responded also battled an intense fire on The Block December 6. “I
can’t think of a time in roughly 22 years in which the fire department has battled two
five-alarm fires in less than 24 hours,” a Baltimore City Fire Department spokesman
said. He said fire companies first to arrive at the scene found the four-story brick
building engulfed in flames. The building occupies Donna’s Cafe and My Thai
restaurants, in addition to offices on the upper levels. The offices were not occupied at
the time of the fire. One firefighter suffered a minor knee injury while battling the fire,
and another experienced chest pains. Both were treated at the scene and taken to a local
hospital for evaluation.
Source: http://www.firehouse.com/news/top-headl ... e-12-hours

National Monuments and Icons Sector

55. December 7, Anniston Star – (Alabama) Firefighters contain 65-acre blaze in
Talladega National Forest. A U.S. Forest Service fire crew sealed off a 65-acre forest
fire December 7 in the northeast part of the Shoal Creek District in the Talladega
National Forest in Alabama. The fire forced the closure of about 6 miles of the Pinhoti
Trail. But flames never got too close to the popular hiking path, the incident
commander said. About 20 percent of the 65 acres have burned out. Firefighters
expected nighttime humidity will tamp down the remaining flames late December 7.
The incident commander said all he expected to do December 8 was find the parts still
afire, burn back remaining leaf litter, and put some seed down along the fire line to
replace the plants torn off the land by bulldozers.
Source: http://annistonstar.com/bookmark/105655 ... nal-Forest

56. December 7, USA Today – (California) NTSB blames helicopter firm in deadly
crash. Carson Helicopters, a helicopter firm hired by the U.S. Forest Service to haul
firefighters, intentionally falsified records, an action that led directly to a crash on a
California mountainside that killed nine people in 2008, federal accident investigators
said December 7. The company has acknowledged that it claimed its helicopters could
lift far more than they were actually capable of, said investigators for the National
Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB investigation into the crash found a
troubling “failure of the federal oversight authorities,” the head of the safety board said.
The Forest Service never bothered to verify that Carson’s helicopters were capable of
what the company claimed, even though other helicopter firms told investigators the
company’s claims were suspicious. The Federal Aviation Administration, which
regulated Carson’s non-governmental operations, also missed the discrepancies.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/201 ... ntsb_N.htm

57. December 7, HawaiiNewsNow – (Hawaii) Pearl Harbor Visitors Center evacuated
after suspicious bag found. There was a bit of drama December 6 at the new Pearl
Harbor Visitors Center in Hawaii. Around 10:45 a.m. authorities discovered a duffel
bag with a suspicious object inside. They fully evacuated Building G of the newly
opened visitors center while federal authorities investigated. “We evacuated the gallery,
secured the perimeter, and basically looked for the owner and tried to identify what was
within that bag. And so, until we completed that we actually had to keep the area closed
to visitors and of course that’s for visitors’ safety,” the USS Memorial chief of
interpretation said. After a few hours, it was determined the bag belonged to one of the
Pearl Harbor survivors. Inside the bag was his oxygen tank.
Source: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/Global/sto ... S=13632519

Dams Sector

58. December 7, Springfield Republican – (Massachusetts) Belchertown Land Trust
directors will proceed toward taking down the Upper Bondsville Dam. The
organization that owns the Upper Bondsville Dam in Belchertown, Massachusetts has
notified the state it will take steps in a few months toward tearing down the dam unless
someone with the resources to repair and maintain it agrees to take it over. The
Belchertown Land Trust, which owns the dam, has been ordered to repair it or take it
down by the state division of dam safety, which rates the dam in poor condition. The
dam is more than 100 years old and the manufacturing purposes it was built for ceased
decades ago, but the lake-like impoundment of the Swift River it creates upstream is
very popular with property owners along the banks in Belchertown, Ware and Palmer,
and with boaters and other recreational users. The land trust has heard many pleas to
save the dam and the impoundment in the past few years, but nobody has stepped in
with offers to cover the long-term costs.
Source: http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/ ... cto_1.html

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