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October 13, 2006

Potential Contact for testing

On the weekend of 10-06-2006 I met a very interesting person, he was in the team that discovered the actual body of the person who had the 1918 Bird Flu ! This man has a very good understnading of the micro-biology aspect of the genitic makup of the virus, and seems to think that with proper testing people who have issues with the Anthrax vaccine may get some toyp of a result by doing some type of testing.

I have included his Name and email that he sent me, please feel free to contact him with your questions...
Your anthrax project is most interesting. I think it lends itself to experimentation along the line of improving the function of the immune system.

It would cost some money, about $500, to study one volunteer. The problem will probably be that these patients have something to gain by remaining “ill” from a disease that has not been definitively identified for diagnostic purposes.

There might be someone, however, who sincerely wants to recover. That is the individual you want.

Dr. Johan Hultin, MD.

Posted by hspigorg at October 13, 2006 10:07 AM