Navy Approval for Fundraising

As of January 2015 HSPIG is in full swing for fundraising for the Man In The Sea Memorial Monument project. The project will be on the grounds of the Washington DC Navy yard, the home of the Navy Diving Training School for decades and where the Anacostia River Walk  AKA (Capital River front) will traverse through the Navy Yard for public access to many historical Navy destinations. HSPIG got the green light from the US Navy in June of 2011 to begin formal fundraising efforts for the project after some 9+ years of paperwork. The US Navy will have full acknowledgement of this gift after the design, NEPA and business case analysis are completed. (Which in English terms means it is ok for HSPIG to collect the funds needed, get the final designs reviewed with the WNY & HDR and work out any kinks and begin the project construction when NEPA and the business case analysis are completed).  At that point the project will become a "Fully Acknowledged Gift" to the US Navy from HSPIG.

No other project for Military divers has undertaken the enormity of such a project and succeeded with such a limited budget and small staff.  HSPIG has been working with all the WNY commands as they have rotated in and out of the WNY for more than 9 years to get this great project to this point!  Our hats off to the Man In The Sea Memorial Monument Design team of HSPIG who worked on this for thousands of hours with no payment for the efforts they made, to the great HDR architects and their management staff for all the wonderful assistance they have been and that we look forward to working on the final designs with such a great team. Also to the handful of gracious donors who helped us through the 8 years of red tape, permits, soil testing, surveys to get us to this great point in time. And lastly to all of you who have supported us behind the scenes, our families & friends who sometimes thought we were a little crazy to undertake such an effort!

Pass the word, and let all your friends & family and the businesses you work for that this monument is now becoming a reality and that they can help in the creation of this by making a donation to the project.

For details on donations go to the donations page we provided.  There are many ways to help us in this effort, and we are glad to accept any and all forms of donations.

Our other projects in formation are the Seals project, the Army's project at Ft. Eustis VA, as well as others around the country where we can honor historical figures and sites in diving history.

The MSMM project is intended for memorial monuments to ALL MILITARY DIVERS and locations where significant military diving events have taken place.

If you have a interesting diving history story or film from your diving career, please email us with the details and a short description of your unique story.

We involve ourselves in various areas from Military Memorials, Ocean conservancy, National Security and other areas where we feel we can make a difference.

We are a Federal & California State non-profit organization 501(c) (3) DLN# 17053111016004 Federal EIN # 20-0560654
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