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While undertaking the “Man in the Sea Memorial Projects", we have received the following support from:

Dr. Sylvia Earle- Oceanographer, Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER)
Jean-Michel Cousteau- Explorer, environmentalist, educator, film producer--- for more than four decades.
Dr. John P. Craven- Leading world famous oceanic scientist/technologist, Legal Council for this project.
Elizabeth A. Principi, Commander, JAGC, USN (Ret).
The Honorable Anthony J. Principi, former Secretary U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
The Honorable Bill Nelson, United States Senate, Former US Astronaut: Bill Nelson, U.S. Senator from Florida.
Mr. Bev Morgan, Diving Pioneer, Owner of Kirby Morgan.
Commander Christopher S. Moore USN.
Captain Mark Helmkamp, USN (Ret).
Bruce F. Meyers, Colonel (USMC Ret) Force Recon Association.
Captain Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret) Navy UDT-SEAL Museum. 
LT. Matt Funderburk Diving Program Manager, U.S. Coast Guard.
LT. Michael Buckley MC(FS) USNR, HMM-364 Flight Surgeon.
Bill Duncan, President, U.S. Army Diver's Association.
Dave Dinsmore (prior Army Dive Officer) Director NOAA Diving Center.
Leslie Leaney Executive Director, Historical Diving Society.
Jack Lynch, (L.T. USN Seal, 1st Class Diver & SAT Ret) President UDT Seal Association. (Deceased 2010)
Richard C. Koellner, President DESCO Corporation.
Jeffrey M. Lane, President RME-Diver Commercial Diving. Former US Army Engineer Diver.
Michael R. Pelissier, President/CEO Ocean Technology Systems.
Tom Maddox, President and CEO Mar-VEL International, Inc. MAR-VEL International.

July 17, 2006
Colonel Bruce F. Meyers USMC (Ret):
From:    Colonel Bruce F. Meyers USMC (Ret) Founding CO of First Force Reconnaissance Company, Fleet Marine Force

As a retired senior experimental diver as a Marine Officer, I would like to express the sincere appreciation on behalf of all United States Marine Corps' divers, past and present to the Man in the Sea Project in Washington DC. Your statue diver "Jake" epitomizes the many divers from each of the services and we are most enthusiastic on its design, casting, accuracy and attention to detail. The high degree of professionalism of your staff is most evident!

Be assured that I shall put the word out on the final location selected in order that each of us as fellow divers can visit the site and pay tribute to other service divers who have preceded us in this rewarding but frequently dangerous specialty within our services.
Well Done! and Bravo Zulu. Semper Fidelis!
Bruce F. Meyers Colonel of Marines (Ret)

Author: Fortune Favors the Brave: The Formation of 1st Force Reconnaissance.  Swift, Silent and Deadly: Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance in the Pacific 1942-45 Both published by the Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD. (Book in research for publication: "Marine Corps Diving" to be co-authored between Col. Meyers and Master Gunnery Sergeant Joseph Settelen, III, USMC)

During my 28 years as a navy diver I served as a ship salvage officer, reserve Harbor Clearance Unit Commanding Officer and with the Supervisor of Salvage Office. For nearly three decades I was privileged to work with a group of little-known navy men and women who served with honor and under daunting conditions. In the Vietnam War they dived in rivers filled with deadly snakes, mines and sunken wreckage alongside shores lined with invisible enemies. They patched up ships, cleared waterways and recovered fallen comrades. Unlike other Special Forces units, their weapons were wrenches, welding torches and extraordinary courage. Unlike other units their accomplishments have gone unnoticed.

This Man In The Sea Memorial will finally give them and all other military divers the recognition they've long deserved. I am please to offer my support and endorsement for this worthwhile project. I look forward to standing at the foot of "Jake," recalling memories and relationships that have shaped my life.
Hoo-yah! Tom Nugent- Captain USNR-Retired

Jeff, The statue is breathtakingly beautiful. My lasting impression stems from the angle of the helmet and the attitude and posture of the body and positioning of the legs. It seems as though the diver is slowly plodding forward forever searching for lost buddies in the watery wilderness. It's haunting. 
Mike Clarke, Michael LTC REF

It is an honor and privilege to add my support to the Man in the Sea Memorial Monuments Project. The prototype is a beautiful design and a fine tribute to our diving heritage. The timing of the memorial's geneses is significant and should not be overlooked. As our nation boldly leads the world in this new century engaged in a global war on terrorism, history tells us that we must hold true to the core values that have sustained divers for decades. Each of us knows the depth of inner strength and courage it takes to become a diver. Forever bonded in spirit and friendship, ours is a brethren that only an elite few can call their own.

It is fitting that we dress our diver in the Mark V Deep Sea Diving System. It is sturdy, dependable and has served us well and those are the same characteristics we must carry forward into the future. For as advanced as our equipment will become, the requirement of dependability is as timeless as the requirement to possess the inner strength and courage necessary to become a diver.
Over the years I have been many things but I remain always DEEP SEA!
LTC Mike Clarke, United States Army

Sixty years ago, when my father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and his buddies, Frederic Dumas and Philippe Taillez, were tinkering with his new invention, the scuba apparatus for breathing under water, they had probably a limited view of the enormity of the frontier they were crossing. But they did know that they were risking their lives and that it would require courage and a passionate curiosity to experience the unknown.

That has not changed and so I am pleased to lend my full support to the Man in the Sea memorial as a fitting tribute to those brave divers who were also pioneers and who put themselves at risk in order to serve their countries, and in many ways, all of us, by pushing into the deep and exploring the true nature of our planet in its watery depths. So much of the work done in the sea goes unnoticed and unsung, and this monument will stand as testimony to these divers for their work and their membership in a community to which we can now at last express our gratitude.
Jean-Michel Cousteau

Dear Mr. West, Thank you for the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group coffee mugs. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. Best wishes for continued success.
Semper Fidelis, Signed: Mike Hagee M.W. Hagee General, U.S. Marine Corps Commandant of the Marine Corps

Since 1946, MAR-VEL International has been proud to serve our military diving community around the globe. From the salvor, to the construction diver, to the combat diver, it is long overdue that these Iron Men and Women receive this honorable recognition. Serving these professionals who work in the deep is MAR-VEL's top priority.

MAR-VEL considers it a privilege to always stand at the ready to do our part to support of these heroes, both past and present."

Tom Maddox President and CEO MAR-VEL International, Inc

From: Ed Delanoy, Hyperbaric’s Supervisor, NDSTC
Subj: Diver Memorial Support Letter

"Thanks so much for the enthusiastic support you and those around you are maintaining and encouraging in all of us past and present Navy and Department of Defense Divers. I have had the privilege to know and be associated with many of the more “colorful personalities” of the Navy Diving community throughout my childhood and in my professional career. Without a doubt some type of monument to the un-sung accomplishments and sacrifices of Navy and Military diver graduates is long over-due.
I encourage everyone who has ever been touched by Navy Diving to support this project. These statues should and will represent a way of life that was and is defined by a spirit of perseverance that will not quit. That alone is one of my fondest memories of the men and women I served with and serve with now."
Thanks, and all my support Ed Delanoy

"Throughout their history of professional devotion and sacrifice, military divers have proven their value to our nation and our Armed Forces. They courageously go into the dangerous and unforgiving darkness of deep water to survey, repair or recover that which our nation cannot abandon to the sea. Military divers routinely demonstrate their unique skill and uncommon valor and have provided valuable contributions in defense of our great nation."

The Honorable Bill Nelson, United States Senate:

CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret) As Executive Director of the Navy UDT-SEAL Museum and as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, I am very much honored to endorse and lend support to the "Man In The Sea Memorial Monument" project. "Jake" is long overdue and will be a fitting tribute to the gallant, brave and dedicated members of the military diving community, past and present, who have served our nation so honorably over so many decades.

Through the years "Jake" has always taken great risks, made untold sacrifices and contributed immeasurably to the advancement and improvement of all aspects of diving. This is a noble effort to memorialize the military diving community and I am grateful for the opportunity to lend my support to this truly worthwhile effort. "Jake" will stand tall and proud, on a fitting waterfront, to remind us all of the great accomplishments of this unique group, our military divers.

CAPT Michael R. Howard, USN (Ret) Executive Director Navy UDT-SEAL Museum 3300 N. HWY A1A, North Hutchinson Island Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949-8520

This mission of creating the Man in the Sea Memorial Monument is one of great importance to provide our future generations a path back to examine the past, present and the future of breathing, working and living underwater.

This focal point will be one to bring for the history of those men who made that transition into the depths of the unknown. The stories to be told have both amazing feats of bravery and ingenious abilities of improvising. Some stories have sad endings which prove there is a price that these men paid for pioneering into the depths divers have gone. Many stories have happy or funny endings with successes allowing diving to move onward in theory and diving equipment. But I will guarantee one thing for sure! This Memorial will generate stories to be told that will be the most entertaining stories ever told any where by anyone.

I personally have been to about every diving school the U S Navy has and enjoyed every one of them. I have been fortunate to meet and work with some of the legends of Navy Diving such as Doctor George Bond, Sea Lab; Captain Frank Cain, WW II Frogman; Lt Joe DeMartino, WW II Frogman and Vietnam era SEAL; Dr. Chris Lambertson, OSI; Jack Schmidt; John T. Brady; Billy Arlington; Ragman Radicki, and of course Bos’n Ryder. There is no end to the long distinguished list of who’s who in diving. There should be no end to the story itself and this is a start to display “Jake” for all to see and wonder who these men are. “Man in the Sea Memorial Monuments” will represent all divers, everywhere! As President of the UDT-SEAL Association, Board of Director for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation, Board of Director for the U S Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, and past President of the Navy Divers Association I fully support and provide my endorsement for the mission of creating this Man in the Sea Memorial Monument effort. “Jake” is not just a name.

Jack Lynch, President UDT Seal Association (Deceased 2010)

As a child, I reveled in the heart-pounding stories of Navy divers salvaging sunken ships, rescuing men from downed submarines, and experimenting with ways to master mixes of gases for deeper, longer dives. All who now venture into the sea owe an enormous debt to those intrepid souls who, over the ages, have literally plunged into the unknown time and again as military divers, risking their lives while slowly acquiring vital knowledge about the art and science of diving. Much that seems routine today is based on the distillation of years of learning the hard way by individuals who often lacked handy instruction manuals to tell them what to do or not do because they were the first.

With the utmost respect and heartfelt thanks, I salute those in the military who not only took to the sea but dived in and opened pathways for those such as I who are drawn to the deep, blue heart of the planet.

Sylvia A. Earle, Founder/Chair D O E R (Deep Ocean Exploration & Research), National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence, Advisory Council Chair Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Executive Director for Marine Conservation, Conservation International.

CDR Christopher Moore It is a true honor to lend support to the "Man in the Sea Memorial Monument Project." Here at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), our home for military diving, we live by our guiding principles of Honor and Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Teamwork, and a Commitment to Excellence.

Our strength as a community is rooted in the traditions and historical legacy that the Navy and other military divers have established before us. It is fitting that we take time to recognize their accomplishments in this memorial. It makes us stronger, smarter and is the very essence of who we are as a community. As I witness and participate in molding of the 1300 divers from all services that are trained here each year in Panama City at NDSTC, it quickly becomes apparent that this profession and community are much more than the collective sum of our members.

Your efforts in memorializing the, "Man in the Sea" is noble and serves all current, past and future divers well.

Thank you for your service in providing recognition to our proud past and bright future in the Diving Community.

Sincerely and best regards, CDR Christopher S. Moore, USN

May 1, 2006 DESCO Corporation:
DESCO Corporation began in 1937 designing and building experimental diving equipment. World War Two changed the company’s focus to providing the helmets and related equipment needed by U.S. Navy and Allied military divers around the world. Our connection to and relations with the military and commercial diving communities has guided the evolution and growth of our company.

We at DESCO believe it is our duty and privilege to support the "Man in the Sea Memorial Monuments Project" in remembrance of those who served our country so well.

Richard C. Koellner, President DESCO Corporation

The Man in the Sea Memorial is a fitting tribute to not only honor the sacrifices made by our military divers but to also recognize and highlight the “Collateral Benefit” of their work. Their efforts helped pave the way not only for professional divers and marine scientists but also for the many recreational divers, around which entire industries revolve today.

Liz Taylor
D O E R Marine Subsea Robotics and Submersible Systems
1827 Clement Ave. Building 19 Alameda CA 94501

"Man in the Sea Memorial Monument, “Jake” - A bronze memorial for all military divers. A Brief History: An Experimental Diving Organization was established at the New York Naval Shipyard in 1913 and formally designated as the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) in 1927 when it was relocated to the Washington Navy Yard to centralize all Navy Diving research. The Navy Diving School was established in 1926 in Building 146 at the WNY and was renamed Deep Sea Diving School (DSDS) in 1928. The Navy Salvage School was moved to the WNY from Bayonne, NJ in 1957. NEDU relocated to Panama City, FL in 1975 and the Diving School followed in 1980.

Beyond our diving history at “The Yard” (or to many of our older divers; “The Gun Factory”) the Washington Navy Yard is the U.S. Navy's oldest shore establishment. Located in Washington, D.C., the yard evolved from a shipyard to an ordnance plant and then to the ceremonial and administrative center for the Navy. The yard is home to the Chief of Naval Operations and is headquarters for the Naval Historical Center, the Marine Corps Historical Center, and numerous Naval commands. My office is located on the historic Washington Navy Yard, and near the Navy Museum. Daily I walk past the location of the Deep Sea Diving School and the original Experimental Diving Unit and have noted that nothing marks the location where so many military divers began their journey into our small, specialized community while working timed projects in the dark, sticky muck at the bottom of the Anacostia River.

That is why I began this quest to commission the Mark V Monument. It is fitting that a bronze version of the classic “Jake” - the Mk V Diver - be commissioned and rigged along the waterfront at the historic Navy Yard to memorialize all military divers at a location where neophyte divers earned and proudly wore, for the first time, the coveted Dive Pin indicating to all that “I am a professional military diver; I survived Navy Dive School” Donation Request: From the start, I wanted this memorial to represent all military divers, from the MoH winner to guy who survived Dive School then served one tour in Vietnam and maybe only salvaged a .45 dropped over the side from some DD’s Q-Deck in 30 feet of muddy water. We already have buildings, passageways and (had) derrick barges named for the MoH winners. This “Jake” is for the everyday working diver that just happened to not be assigned to the same watch-bill as the MoH winners - because if he had, one of the MoH names might have been different.

This monument is dedicated to Divers from around the world who gave their life's work to underwater construction and the salvage of ships lost at sea. Their method of training and development of equipment set standards adopted by the international diving community, from the development mixed-gas diving techniques used to save Squalus survivors to the saturation diving procedures developed by Sealab during the Man in the Sea Program that are now common in the oil industry, Their traditions will last forever. Please accept this opportunity to support this project in remembrance of the unsung heroes who labored in the murky depths to save lives and improve knowledge of the world underwater.

Please support OUR Jake!"
Captain Mark Helmkamp, USN (ret)
"Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan"

As a former Military Diver in the United States Navy and serving my country in Vietnam, I understand and appreciate the significance of memorializing an achievement. I have also worked with the National Park Service in Hawaii working on the USS Arizona. A memorial for the Navy Divers would give all military divers the tangible and visible award of appreciation for their service to a "grateful nation."

My current position, in the private sector of business, puts me in direct contact with Special Warfare personal as well as working divers around the world. In every case when mentioning this project everyone was looking forward to a successful completion.
Ocean Technology Systems will continue to support the project and keep passing along the good news.

Best Regards, Michael R. Pelissier, President/CEO Ocean Technology Systems

"I wholeheartedly support the establishment of a memorial to honor military divers. As a former US Army diving officer, I know the risks that military divers are subjected to on a daily basis and the significant accomplishments achieved by this group.
A memorial to honor these brave and heroic individuals is appropriate and long overdue."

David A. Dinsmore, Director, NOAA Diving Program

"This is a noble project and of interest to us all, what finer way could we honor the thousands of diving school graduates and alumni than by placing a giant diver for all to see.

The Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) was at the same address. The sole reason for this effort is to pay homage to all graduates of the diving school and those who served at NEDU nothing more, NEDU divers were part of several efforts to increase the capabilities of diving throughout the industry. Graduates of the school include divers from most of the countries around the world, civilian and military."
Bob Barth- USN/CWO (ret).

LT Michael Buckley MC(FS) USNR HMM-364 Flight Surgeon World Famous Purple Foxes

"This is a project long overdue; US Military divers have been active in every conflict since the Spanish American War. Military divers should be recognized as much for the bravery and self sacrifice of accepting sometimes great risks to save their fellow service members, as for the contributions to research in diving medicine and physiology that allows all who currently venture into the ocean to return safely..."

Jeffrey M. Lane, President RME-Diver Commercial Diving, Former US Army Engineer Diver.

"Our diver’s reunions are a living testament of the dedication and sacrifice that all military divers have made for this country for decades. We meet every year, the young and the old, to celebrate our past and discuss our current and future underwater contributions to this great nation.

A monument honoring all military divers will stand to highlight their deeds, sacrifices and accomplishments. It will be recognized by the diving community as a physical representation of actions that have fascinated the general public for over 60 years.
The U.S. Army Diver’s Association is pleased to give this project our full support."

Thank you Bill Duncan, President, U.S. Army Diver's Association

"Operating beneath the waves, out of the public eye, military divers for decades have made enormous contributions to the security of the nation. This project is an excellent way to inform the public and honor those pioneers whose dedication and expertise laid the groundwork for today's modern diving community."

Thanks, Matt LT Matt Funderburk, Diving Program Manager Coast Guard Office of Cutter Forces (G-OCU-3)

"I feel these to be extremely important monuments that will be a small testament to those divers who have served our nation, and countless others, below the worlds oceans.

Recognition of the vital service our country's military divers have performed is long over due. The time has come to act on their behalf and establish these monuments.
Please support this national effort to recognize the historic contributions these divers have made. "

Leslie Leaney Co-Founder, The Historical Diving Society USA

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