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Mission Statement

Los Angeles, March 18, 2003
MISSION STATEMENT In response to national security directives, the non-profit Homeland Security Policy Institute Group will work to improve opportunities and methods for cooperative action between the private and public sectors in Homeland Security applications. As differentiated from National Security, the paradigm of Homeland Security cannot be accomplished by the federal government alone. In the United States, more than 80% of the critical infrastructure is in the private sector. Critical infrastructure provides the foundation for our national security, governance, and economic vitality, and way of life.

Our protection from and response to terrorism requires coordination between public sector agencies and private sector businesses. While the need for coordination between the public and private sectors is powerfully stated in national strategy documents, few private sector collaborative activities have occurred. The private sector has not organized within itself nor coordinated with the public sector.

HSPIG has recognized that the lack of private sector organization, preparation, and training has limited this essential private-public partnering necessary to counter and respond to terrorism.
As a privately funded non-profit organization, HSPIG retains a Private sector orientation including rapid response to change and sensitivity to resource and cost concerns.

Objectives The Homeland Security Policy Institute Group will Inform Private sector and Public sector executives in terrorist methods, risk assessment, counter-terrorism techniques, infrastructure protection requirements, best-practice response plans, vaccine programs, distance learning programs that involve the public and private sectors. Generate enterprise architecture to enhance horizontal sharing of information between public and private sectors. Promote joint public and private sector attack response planning and training. Create a well-trained and informed private sector work force to assist in proactive dealing with incidents. Identify and prepare private sector “Trusted Agents” for rapid post-disaster response. Provide the necessary tools and representation to discourage government regulation of the private sector’s terrorism prevention and response plans. Will create and organize efforts to honor Military personal. HSPIG will work to create memorial monuments to various military & LEO groups to honor their services to this country.

Methods The Mission and Objectives will be accomplished by Utilizing local Chambers of Commerce, higher educational facilities, local & distance learning and other organizations to establish community contacts; Creating web-based discussion forums and training while sharing information between public and private sectors; Conducting executive management training, seminars and table-top exercises; Establishing “Trusted Agents” through application procedures including background checks and Live Scans; Developing and training private Incident Management Teams; Developing and exercising Corporate Crisis Management Teams; Engaging Trusted Agents and Teams in association with public sector agencies in table-top, local and distance training and community exercises to evaluate and improve responses; Devising policy and guidelines toward greater private sector participation in counter-terrorism and attack response. By creating efforts to raise funds for monuments across the nation in areas that are of significant importance to the group.

01/15/2010 Develop plans and funding to assist in the cleanup of our ocean areas where trash is gathering.
2-21-2004 Objectives: Research HSPIG will research public and private health issues areas that may have impacts on the general public or military.
03-20-2004 Develop plans and funding and creation for memorial monuments for various military & LEO groups.
12-21-2004 Methods: Developing and training private Incident Management Teams not limited to security issues, but to include areas of public health and training agents to perform various functions of discovery for research. Where the involvement of disabled vets can be utilized to assist with retraining and research for HSPIG. HSPIG staff is chosen to represent a broad spectrum of skills including: HTCIA, ISSA, FBI-InfraGard, CMANC, DOJ, Border Patrol, ICE, CBP, active and retired law enforcement, active and retired military personnel, public health, education, medicine, private security, computer science, biochemistry, and biometrics, among others.

We are a Federal & California State non-profit organization 501(c) (3) DLN# 17053111016004 Federal EIN # 20-0560654

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