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Homeland Security Policy Institute Group
The MSMM project is intended for memorial monuments to ALL MILITARY DIVERS and locations where significant military diving events have taken place. Homeland Security Policy Institute Group is taking orders for the Limited Edition of the official 250 of the 22-inch tall standing "Man In The Sea Memorial Monument" bronze miniatures. Cost of the miniature is approx. $3900+ shipping & packing, and a deposit of $1300 is required when the order is made, and it takes about 8-10 weeks to complete the finished product. Each of these is "Hand Made" here in America one-by-one, not mass produced.  These are unlike any other diver's statue, the detail is to scale on each one.
Artist Jim Harrison Smith creates these fine pieces of art for you to enjoy for years to come.  Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Please visit our onine Divers Online Photo Album at the Left side of this page or click these links:
These statues can have an optional 2 inches thick 12 inch diameter granite-rotating base for approx $200 that allows for 360 degrees of viewing. After the pre-casting order is completed, proceeds will go to support creation of the full size 10-11 foot standing monument in Washington DC at the Navy yard. (Details on this can be made by contacting us).
The approximate time for delivery will be 8-10 weeks after the initial order has been placed with HSPIG. These statues will be numbered serially for this release. These statues are not mass produced, they are made to order and they are made in America! Do not be confused by knockoff copies there is only ONE "Man In The Sea Memorial Monument" Project that has been approved by the US Navy for fundraising and the creation of a Memorial Monument to All Military Divers at the Washington DC Navy Yard, home of the origional Navy Diving School and experimental diving unit.
July 2015-Announcing our new 12” Mini replica statue of the Man In The Sea Memorial Monument! Just now being released for limited production by the famous bronze artist Jim Harrison Smith a small desktop version of the monument. We are taking orders for these now, the first 5 ordered will sell for $2,100 plus shipping and after that the price goes to $2,400 plus shipping. As you may know Jim’s artwork is known world over for his detail and every piece is hand poured here in AMERICA, not made in India or china like some others but right here in the good ole USA. Contact us to place your order today and get the deal, wait and miss out….
If you would like one send us an E-mail to: so that we can contact you. The sale of these will assist us in funding the standing 10-11 foot Man In The Sea Memorial Monument project and ensure that we have the needed capital to build the full size statues!
(HSPIG has not authorized any organization or persons outside of HSPIG to make this offer)
If you or your organization would like one of these limited edition standing miniatures, let us know and get on the list for this pre-casting order. You will receive a letter for the amount of deduction when you purchase your statue, and the proceeds of your donations will go towards this project.
DONATIONS of $100,000 OR GREATER: Will have their individual or corporate name inscribed on a plaque at the MSMM site AND receive a 22 inch limited edition, numbered replica of the MSMM mounted on a rotating base.
Only 250 of these replicas will be produced.

We are a Federal & California State non-profit organization 501(c) (3) DLN# 17053111016004 Federal EIN # 20-0560654
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